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Le Pavoncelle di lino is a shop and workshop specialised in the production of Sardinian handcrafted bags: design products handcrafted in different textiles. Thanks to the kindness, expertise and the reliability of the owner, during the years the business has become a point of reference in the market. In our shop you could find Sardinian handcrafted bags of different types and textiles. In our workshop we apply the old artisan techniques to give an additional value to our bags, fashion accessorises and original bags conform for all occasions. Let you attract by the beauty and the quality of our bags: young products, coloured, able to give value to your personality, quietly and elegantly. Also for what concerns bags, we offer the highest personalisation about measures, colours and decorations that can change according to our customer requests. There you will find also bags without decoration hailing from the Sardinian cultural tradition. Our items can be realised in various textiles, including the brocade and the velvet. The row materials have been provided by local artisans, always of excellent quality and they guarantee a long-lasting resistance. Our aim is always that of guarantee the highest satisfaction of all our customers through the distribution of quality long-lasting products. We always offer the best careful and polite consultation to help the customer finding the right solution for his needs.

where we are

Our shop is located in Carlo Felice Street No. 40/A, Sassari (Italy).

For further information, please call us at the following number: +39 079 9107250.

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Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 1pm and from 4.30pm to 8pm.