Sardinian curtains as pieces of furniture

CARPETs and pieces of furniture

In Le Pavoncelle di lino workshop you can see, appreciate and also buy homemade fabrics, carpets and other pieces of furniture which are the outcome of a wise, polish and artisan production of Sardinia. Monica Satta, a creative artisan and merchant with a great and familiar entrepreneurial history, opened the business in 2005, in Sassari, her native city, because she was fascinated by the wide range of Sardinian manufacture. At the beginning, the business was only a small shop where we sold only end products, produced by local artisans and carefully chosen because the aim was to offer high quality and uncommon objects. Customers’ request to have tailor-made products combined with owner’s great passion and specialised competences in the textile sector, developed during the years thank to some learning activities and some apprenticeships in other tailor’s shops, were the turning point of the business. In effect, the owner decided to buy a sewing machine to customize products and, in the same time, check out the success of the activity. Owner’s kindness, willingness and inspiration help to have the full confidence of customers and to create a great reputation in the reference marketplace. The word of mouth, generated by customers’ satisfaction for refined textiles and good manufacture of products, caused a real boom of requests that obliged the owner to search for a new workshop for her business. In effect, she needed a bigger studio in order to have the space both to place all the necessary equipment and also to show all the wide range of products she made. During the years, the owner and her business gain a great and high- value experience in the textile sector, because of the promotion of Sardinian cultural traditions and the promotion of her creativity and inspirato. Nowadays, Le Pavoncelle di lino is a workshop in where we tailor and we sell bed sheets, tablecloths, towels, furniture for the house, Sardinian artisan textiles and lots of other thing. Everything is produced on the base of old artisan processes, carefully following every steps of production, from raw materials to the end products.

where we are

Our shop is located in Carlo Felice Street No. 40/A, Sassari (Italy).

For further information, please call us at the following number: +39 079 9107250.

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We are open Monday to Saturday, from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. from 4.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.